6–9 AUGUST 2021


About the festival

It is with heavy hearts that the Ceramics Association of New Zealand has decided to postpone Feast (Together) – The George Festival of Tableware until 2021. The near future remains uncertain, and we want to ensure the safety and security of our festival attendees, workshop tutors and speakers. 

The festival will now be held from 6–9th August 2021, in the Canterbury-West Coast region at the beautifully restored historic Arts Centre Te Matatiki Toi Ora.


Generously sponsored by The George, and partnering with the Canterbury Museum, the Teece Museum and the Christchurch Art Gallery. 

The festival has been designed to celebrate all thing 'tableware', with New Zealand makers, producers, users and the public coming together for a feast of body, mind, and spirit. FEAST, MAKE and SEE with a range of events and activities open to the public. 

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at our Grand Opening, 

The George Night of Tableware, and The Great Hall High Tea

presented by The George


for the exhibition and come to our ceramic tableware workshops that are open to CANZ members and the public!


The National Tableware Competition & Exhibition, Talks and Demonstrations


About the National

Tableware Competition

The competition entry calls nationally to all members of Ceramics Association of New Zealand and the wider arts community, from new and emerging artists to studio specialists, taking the opportunity to push tableware to new standards. The awards are designed to enable the recipients to develop their own practice further by creating sustainability in the design & arts industry. Push the envelope with the humble tableware setting and astonish us with your ceramic serviceware.

Finalist entries will be curated into a magnificent exhibition, in the style of a Vemeer Banquet, to be showcased in the Great Hall of The Arts Centre Te Matatiki Toi Ora

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Competition key dates


21 MARCH 2021


27 JUNE 2021


18 JULY 2021


31 JULY 2021


6 AUGUST 2021



Anna-Marie Wallace

Anna-Marie Wallace is an Australian artist & designer, with over 20 years experience in creative industries, living & working both in Australia & Europe. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Industrial Design, a Diploma of Ceramics, an Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts, & she holds numerous certifications in photography, teaching, business operations, & sales/marketing. She is a lover of all things sustainably produced & thoughtfully designed & is dedicated to proving that art is actually a “real job”. She actively seeks to help other creatives carve out profitable & fulfilling futures for themselves, creating beautiful things for all to enjoy without becoming “a starving artist”.

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